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Video Art for Conditional Malaise




Distributed by Bleu Nuit Video

Produced between 2016 and 2017, "Video Art for Conditional Malaise" is a tool intended for those suffering from bouts of seasonal depression or general malaise in our modern political climate.

For thirty minutes flowers bloom and float into video feedback ether, set to the experimental-ambient music of Billy Gomberg. For its intended effect, please view using a projector against a large white wall, with the audio set to a louder than usual volume. The goal is full immersion.

Premiere public screening occurred at Newfields Indianapolis Museum of Art in April 2018.

A live variation of the piece was performed with Billy Gomberg in Brooklyn, NY in April 2017. 

DVD available through Bleu Nuit Video.

Live performance with Billy Gomberg in Brooklyn, NY.

Photo by Paloma Kop.

Premiere screening at Newfields, IN.

Photo courtesy of Newfields.

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