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Man and His Progress

Video Installation (HD)



Commissioned by Eastern Bloc (Québec)

Mimicking the federally-funded travelogues and documentaries of Expo 67, Man and His Progress attempts to distinguish the concept of 'progression' from the action of 'time passing.' Four streams of Expo 67 footage play the marvels of Québecois production and list the updated statistics of Canada's humanitarian and scientific efforts. While the perspective of the video signal becomes askew, as does our perspective of what progression means in a capitalist and neoliberal system.

Commissioned as a looping video installation by Eastern Bloc for Social Habitat, a Nuit Blanche co-presentation with Never Apart exploring works inspired by Expo 67.

For screening consideration please contact

via info [at] bleunuitvideo [dot] com


Female Voice

Maica Armata-Boles

Male Voice

Matt Smith

Script translation

Samuel Bonneau

Credit: Never Apart

Credit: Never Apart

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